Carefully developed thanks to decennial experience of success of ENOVA brand in Italy and Europe, ENOVA MONO formulas represent the ultimate evolution towards even better nutritional quality and feeding performances for a total well-being of every adult dog!

The ENOVA MONO range consists of 3 single-protein recipes, that differ for the animal protein included, but quite similar in nutrients’ levels, designed to fully satisfy all nutritional needs of any adult dog. Their specific formulation makes them perfect as elements of a rotational diet, having all three, very similar calories content.

Main points of ENOVA MONO nutrition are:

  • Single-protein formulas, perfect for exclusion diets
  • No Gluten, to exclude one of the main risk factor in adverse reaction to food
  • Rice as only grain added, well known for its high digestibility and its regularizing effect on digestive tract
  • Fibers, minerals and nutraceutical element from natural sources, to promote a total well-being

ENOVA MONO recipes represent the natural evolution of the old ENOVA Ultrapremium chicken, fish and lamb formulas, further improved for feeding performance of absolute excellence!