Thanks to its high calories & high animal protein content, ENOVA SIMPLE is perfectly suitable for working or active adult dogs, as well as growing puppies & youngsters and lactating bitches. Obviously Enova Simple is also a perfect maintenance food for all adult dogs whose owner wants only the best for his/her best friend, with a further, new plus: Enova Simple is completely free from grain ingredients!

Enova Omega is the new, all-fish recipe of the Formula range, the ideal choice for those who look for a hypoallergenic, limited-ingredients & Grain-Free nutrition for their life companion. The use of fish only as protein source, together with the 0% grain content, can make Enova Omega the perfect solution for all those dogs who show food sensitivity towards the most commonly dry dog foods’ ingredients.

Still haven’t found a food that is able to fix the food intolerance issues of your sensitive dog, and neither fish-based kibbles seem to be beneficial?
 Looking for a fresh new taste for your dog that looks not-so-greedy anymore for its current food? 
Trying to find something really new & different in order to provide a rotational, more complete and varied diet to alternate with chicken, lamb or fish-based foods?
We have an answer for you all!