For over 40 years at LA TICINESE we put all our passion for the animals in our products. And we did this also for ENOVA, a complete range of ultra-premium pet food for the well-being of dogs & cats

For ENOVA we have selected carefully every ingredient to obtain

a 100% complete food:

  • Dehydrated chicken meat (low ash) as main ingredient of most of the formulas
  • Only high biological-value proteins from meat, fish and eggs. No soy
  • High content in Omega 6 & Omega 3 essential fatty acids, which have beneficial effects on skin, coat, immune system, liver and, in growing animals, on the development of the nervous system and sense organs
  • Carbohydrates only from highly digestible grains: rice and barley. No corn or wheat, the main suspected to cause food allergies/intolerances
  • Vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, rosemary) for an extra supply of natural antioxidants and vitamin precursors
  • A delicious mix of salmon, tuna & herring for special maintenance ENOVA SENSITIVE products
  • All ENOVA products are free from preservatives and colouring agents
  • CrueIty free: no animal has been harmed for the development of ENOVA
  • All the ingredients are produced within the EU (excepting the lamb meat from New Zealand) and are free from GMO according the UE reg. 830/2003. The main ingredients are purchased directly from the same producers, and not through brokers: this is a guarantee of product uniformity and nutritional safety
  • ENOVA dry foods are produced according the most strict food quality standards (ISO 9001:2000, InternationaI Food Standard (IFS) – Version 4 certification and HACCP

We have done palatability tests on all ENOVA products, in order to create a pet food able to satisfy the most exigent animals.

To obtain & maintain the best palatability results, we continuously check the performance of our products.