Dogs & the city

Living in the city is not an ideal condition for the dog, who loves being in contact with nature and enjoying open spaces, away from noises and pollution; but luckily the canine is also the most adaptable animal species ever, and in order to stay close to us humans, he also adapted in time to a purely urban lifestyle. Here are some suggestions to make this environment more enjoyable for you both:

The house – a den, and not a prison

Our life companion will spend most of the hours of the day at home, so let’s make this time as pleasant as possible. Let’s play with him often (even if for just few minutes sessions), trying to understand what kind of interaction he likes the most (tug of war, fetching, etc.), allowing some chewing time and, above all, making his meal a playing experience too. In fact, it has been shown that for the dog, which is born as a predator, it is highly gratifying to spend physical and / or brain energy to obtain food; for this purpose there are lots of specifically developed toys on the market, and many suggestions can also be found on the internet to make meal time a moment of fun and challenge, as well as the satisfaction of a primary need.

Let’s value the daily walk

Although in modern life we have all the minutes counted, we should always try to take all the time necessary for good dog-walks; these are the only moments in which our four-legged companion has the chance to fully use his senses, interact with conspecifics, etc. – in general to be physically & mentally stimulated. Don’t forget that walking exercise is healthy for us too, before and after a day spent sitting in front of a computer in the office. Simply carrying out the physiological needs must not be the goal, but rather ensuring that the dog can stop by on interesting smells for the time it takes to activate nose and brain, enjoy pleasant interactions and stretch their legs with a bit of healthy movement, for the benefit of his musculoskeletal, circulatory system and his body condition.

Free from the leash, but safely

The city is, much more than the open spaces of the countryside, full of threats and dangers for our friends. Although no one knows his dog better than ourselves, we must avoid leaving him free outside the special fenced dog areas; we never know who or what we will meet around the corner who may be scared or afraid of him. Even when he is free in one of these fenced dog-areas, we should always keep him under control to verify that he respects other dogs and in his turn is respected, always checking his body language and helping him in case he shows signs of discomfort or impatience, or is annoying for other visitors. This moment of freedom must be fun for everyone!

6-legged Outodoors Week-end, a great idea

The frenzy of city life put a strain on our body and mind, like our dog’s. Let’s take a break every once in a while from this routine, planning a trip outside the city, even just one day, in which both you and your four-legged partner can enjoy a full contact with nature; every city has in its boundaries rural areas with beautiful landscapes, hiking trails suitable for everyone, clean air and culinary delicatessen to try in holiday farms or dog-friendly restaurants!

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash